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tv   DW News  LINKTV  August 26, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> this is "dw news," live from berlin. francis highest administrative court suspends the burkini ban. it has angered muslims and divided friends, but the suspension is only temporary defifinitive ruling. also comoming up, italy prepares for a state funeral for those who lost their lives in wednesday's earthquake. as t the death toll rises, peope are asking why the government
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wasn't bettttttea so prone to e. >> and terry martin. welcome. france's highest administered of court has suspended a ban on the burkini, the muslim full body swimsuit. it only applies to the seaside resort involved in the case, which was brought by 2 human rights groups. in a case that has brought massive media attention,,,id tha could only restrict indidividual liberties when there was a proven risk to public order. the band has angered muslim communities and divided the french government. reporter:plenty of skin on showr women deciding to cover upcoming no worries about---------------, there is no need to worry about a fine.
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the ban on burkinis was brought before the highest courts by civil rights groups. >> it is against the civil freedom of religion and now the decision is final and there is no other appeal. it will be the last decision in france about this topic and we can say that it is the end of the arguments, theololololololof burkini, banning burkini. reporter: the decision could set a legal precedent for similar bans imposed in the wake of the nice attack in july. conservative former president nicolas sarkozy, who wants his job back come has weighed in on the debate dividing france. "i refuse to let women wear
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veils in school, at university, in public spaces, in companies. i refuse to allow the burkini on the beaches of france and in the swimming pools of france." "there is s no link between the terror attacks off daesh and wht women are wearing on the beach. this is the fundamental issueue, letting pepeople believe there s evidence of this link. for me, sorry, there is no evidence of this link." tensions over the burkini issue are said to rajon rondo a decision by the council of state is designed -- rage on until a decision by the council of state is decided. terry: let's go to paris. this lifting of the burkini ban inin one legal c case is not t d ofof the story, is it? reporter: no, it's not, terry.
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women w want to fully cover themselves can return to the beach without worrying about being harassed by police. the case is not closed. about 30 towns in total have implemented similar burkini bans. today's decision is an early indicator that those would likely be overturned if challenged". -- challenged in court. terry: what is the reaction of people in france? are they largely supportive of banning the burkini or would they likikto see it allowed?? reporter: human rights groups and the collective against islamic phobia have been ououtspoken, staunch oppononentf the ban. islam specialist saidid that the burkini is a good example of the modernrnization and assimilation of muslim women in the western world, it is a good thing. as for the public, most are divided on the issue.
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when a woman in nice was forced to remove her headscarf, there are reports that police told to leave her alone, she wasn't other anyone. there were also people who told her she needed to go home. it is a polarizing issue that seems to divide france right down the middle. terry: all this debate about burkini and swimwear and other garments that muslim women wear, it is at the center of the political sphere. we heard in the report nicolas sarkozy saying he would ban the burkini on all french beaches. how is this being debated in the political sphere? is sarkozy's positition representativeve of the politicl establishment as a whole? reporter: he joins marine le pen from the national front in that opinion, who come as expected, has voiced her opposition to the court's decision, calling it regrettable. is a heated social and political debate that is not only dividedd the right from the left but has created fissures in president
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francois holollande's own socialist party. his prime minister, manuel valls, strongly supports the ban, whereas his education minister, a muslim woman, strongly opposes the ban. i expect the volume will be turned up even more in political speechch a about french identitd where e muslim women should be allowed toto wear even hijijab. muslim relations in francecend espepecially debates about frenh identitity are going to be heavy fodddder in the coming months of the presidential debate leading up to next year's elections. terry: jake, thank you so much. italy is preparing for a state funeral for those who lost their lives in wednesday's earthquake. it is taking place on saturday, which will also be a national day of mourning. the official death toll has risen to 278 and hopes of finding more survivors are fading. reporter: this is all that remains of a much reach -- on
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the -- amatrice, once one of italy's was beautiful towns. it is day three of the rescue operation and rescue service -- emergency services are searching for those trapped underer the rubble. time is running out. instead of locating survivors from rescuers are increasingly finding bodies. there is still some hope to find survivors under the rubble,e, en now. we saw that in the earthquake in 2009. people were pulled out alive after seven to two hours, but that, of course, is very unlikely." the danger isn't over yet good aftershocks continued to the already devastated region and hopes fade of finding more survivors, the forensics operation is taking center stage. "we are used to this work am a but in these conditions it is really hard for us. not so much seeing the bodies, but because the people have suffered a lot.
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earthquake victims die a very violent death, so it is more difficult to identify them." a challenge for the whole country. italian prime minister matteo renzi has promised that the building will be a national priority. as his government faces tough questions about safety standards, it is trying to prove it has what it takes to bring life back to this devastated region. terry: clashes between police and antigovernment protesters have erupted in zimbabwe's capital, harare. the violence comes a day after a judge ordered authorities not to interfere with a protest march. witnesses said at least 40 people were injured after police used batons, two gas, and water cannons against the demonstrators. the funny march was organized by 18 opposition parties including the movement for democratic change led by morgan chung right -- morgan tsvangirai.
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demonstrators are demanding the resignation of president robert mugabe, who has been in office since 1980. buses have been taking people outss eac suburb. under the terms the agreement, 700 armed men will leave for the rubble-controlled city of idlib. all 4000 civilians will move to government shelters. the pkk has c c cresponsibilityi bomb attack on a turkish police station in the country's southeast. the statement was posted on a website affiliated with the group. at least 11 people were killed and dozens wounded aftft suspected kurdish militants detonated a truck bomb outside police headquarters. the town is predominantly
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kurdish region close t to the borders wiwith syria and iraq. friday's bombing happened two days after turkey launched an offensive against the islamic state group and kurdish fightere chancellor angela merkel opened germany's"we can do this," she r people. as part of our coverage marking the migration crisis, dw reporters asked asylum seekers what they had the chance. one said he would urge her to treat all micro groups equally -- migrant groups equally.
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terry: as you may know, germany's cultural association has offices all over the world. every year it awards medals to foreigners who have performed an outstanding service in promoting the german language and cultural relations. one of t t
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photographer. reporter: he is a one of her -- wanderer between cultures. he is now at home in berlin. a lover of of f f f f f f f f fp kafka, brought him to germany. photography means writing with light. i don't tell stories in this linear sequence. it is much more jazz, much more fragmented. reporter: megacities is one of his themes. lagos is one of the fastest-growing in africa. it is a city of contrasts. he grew up here and discovers there are luxury apartments for the superrich, where he once played as a child.
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the old community has been moved on. >> that is the way it goes is more or less my attitude as well, although i amat the same e very careful. i realize things do change. change has to come. reporter: he has an eye for finding hidden order and chaos. his pictures tell conflict stories and show realities that go beyond the normal clich├ęs of africa. this year he is one of the recipients of the metal. although he is modest about his role as mediator. >> especially in africa, there is a big urge the younger generation to move ahead, to catch up, to be part of this international global scene. great pleasure interacting. it is interacting rather than mediating. reporter: the photography.
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terry: you are watching "dw news ." still to come, wealth and poverty, boom and bust. we go to angola to see how the capital of the one that is being rebuilt at the expense of the city's poor. all that and went to business -- plenty of bubusinesses in just o one minute. dodon't go away.
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terry: welcome back. you are with "dw news." i am terry martin. france's highest in ministry of court has suspended the ban on full body burkini swimsuits. the suspension only involves the seaside resort that brought the case to court. and it is only temporary. many years ago there was an oil boom that brought sudden wealth to the angolan capital.
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it became an expensive place to live, and his property became more valuable, slums were cleared to make way for new developments. now the oil price has slumped and the boom is over. for those still living in the slums, problems wrought by real estate speculation still aren't covered. reporter: he has a new house in the middle of a sea of corrugated metal. he built this house here three years ago right next to a rubbish dump after he and his brothers were driven out of another slum. it was demolished to make way for a new construction. he and his family were homeless for 2 weeks. now he and his four children live here. seven people together in the one-room house. "here is the bedroom. our living room and kitchen, all in one.
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often we shower here. we tip up the mattress and then it becomes a bathroom." but his new house could soon be destroyed, too. the residents are afraid that they will soon have to leave. they are getting some help from an activist from an organization called sos habitat. for years she has observed how more and more housing for the poor has been civilly bulldozed to make way for new construction -- simply bulldozed to make way for new construction. a few weeks ago, a 14-year-old boy was shot and killed during a demonstration. "in reality, it is one of the biggest problems facing luanda, because the relocations are badly organized. the government pulls houses down first and then they consider relocation. then they send people off to live in other areas, to live in absolutely. condition -- absolutely
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catastrophic conditions." the angolan information minister did not respond to numerous requests from dw for an interview. >> more than 500 families settled in the slot and they have no idea what their future look like. angola is africa's second-biggest oil producer but no one here is property from the oil wealth. reporter: the profits from the oil boom can be seen in the city center. for years real estate prices have been exploding. luanda has become one of the most expensive cities in the world. but recently, the economy has started to falter due to a slump in global oil prices. and that is why this economist can't understand why so much of the city is being demolished. >> we have a lot of buildings but they are empty. they are pushing the people from the cenenter t to other areas, y burdened. this is angola.
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we have a lot of people with a lot of money and the majority, they don't have even a house to live. terry: was a angola dissenters has been angola's president for years. residents can only see his success is something on the distant horizon. but this man hopes things can improve and that he is not have to be constantly afraid of being evicted good maybe his children will have a better future. terry: business news now and it seems like the sunshiny on the u.s. economic -- the sun is shining for the u.s. economic recovery. reporter: federal reserve chief janet yellen says she expects moderate growth in the economy. she made the comments at an informal gathering of central banking heavyweights in the u.s.
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it is bolstering the possibility of an interest rate hike sometime this year. so far there has been no indication when the fed would make the move. time to bring in -- time to go to wall street. what are you hearing on the street? reporter: well, investors were cautious as the stocks plunged up to 100 points but then somehow recovered. the fed confirmed the case for the red death rate hike has -- confirmed the case for the rate hike has strengthened. it didn't bother the market at all the fed -- but the fed vice governor suggested that the payroll numbers will be key for a hike next month. something that would send stocks
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into negative territory. payrolls last month good at up to 180,000 jobs. that's it, increasing rates before -- that said, increasing rates before the u.s. presidential election is tricky. >> thank you so much. don't go away. we will take a look at apple and be back shortly. apple has been caught up in something that sounds like a james bond movie, an intriguing story of us by spyware -- of a spy and spyware could the company has issued a security update to keep your mobile phone safe from nosy authorities. a flaw allows hackers to install spyware and operate your camera without you even knowing. how did this come to light? the spyware targeted this man,
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ahmed mansoor, human rights activist in the united arab emirates. back to you, jose. what does this all mean? sounds like a security disaster. jose: well, those are scary security flaws and add more pressure for apple to surprise next month with the launch of the iphone 7. the company has been lacking since the beginning of the year. the world's largest smartphone maker keeps increasing the sales cap with apple. analysts are skeptical about apple's new model and if it will really boost sales in huge market such as india or china. some experts consider the tim cook needs to prove that the iphone is not just a one trick pony and that the company can launch a new disruptive kind of
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product in the future. apparently the apple watch didn't do the trick. anchor: there you go. thank you. to a different story, brazilian police have recommended that prosecutors bring corruption charges against former president lula da silva. the ex-president and his wife reportedly accepted 670,000 euros in bribe money. this claim comes amid an ongoing corruption investigation into state run oil company petrobras. karen president dilma rousseff has also been accused of corruption. -- current president dilma rousseff has also been accused of corruption. her testimony is expected next week, as is a verdict. among eastern european states, bulgaria is a big exception when it comes to tackling the refugee crisis. the government supports
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germany's call for shared responsibility. this means securing the eu borders. for that costs a lot of money, money bulgaria doesn't have. reporter: these thermal images show refugees trtrying to slip through the border at nightht. from turkey into bulgaria. it is a route nearly 11,000 have taken. this past through central and northern europe has been closed off. bulgaria says it feels like it has been abandoned by the european union. >> i find it ironic that after all kerry had been denying entry for -- bulgaria had been denied entry for so long, it is expected to take a lot of the burden of protecting europe. reporter: the country's struggling with the costs of border security. 1% of the total state budget goes on border expenses.
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the costliest item, offense along the 240-kilometer border with turkey. just one third of it has been completed. bulgaria wants the eu that -- to put the bill for the rest. >> multiply this by so many number of fences, fairly it is better to focus our common efforts at the borders. reporter: bulgaria's entire budget is 10 billion euros a year, miniscule compared to the eu spending power. additional costs automatically result in fresh debt. >> in the last few months, the states -- it has increased somewhat. reporter: fresh debt for new fences is not in eu interest, either. even without it, bulgaria's national debt ratio has been
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rising far faster than other eu members. anchor: thank you, terry martin. terry: thanks. just a reminder of the top stories we're following are you on "dw news." france's highest administered of court has suspended the ban on full body burkini from suits. but it only applies to the seaside resort involved in the case brought to court and it is only temporary until the court delivers a definitive ruling. you are watching "dw news," coming to you from berlin. i will be back in just a couple of minutes with an in-depth look at today's top stories. to find the latest on all our stories, online at [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> you are watching live from paris on "france 24." our top stories. a victory for common sense. activists welcomed the decision by the top court to overturn the so-called burkini ban at one french seaside town. 278 peopleth toll, are known to have lost their lives in wednesday's earthquake in central italy. hopes of finding more survivors are fading. ending. five years under siege residents are evacuated from a damascus suburb which was the birthplace of the 2011 protests against the assad regime.


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